The château d’Urtubie

Charming hotel

The Urtubie fortress and its park of 6 hectare, bears witness to six centuries of Basque Country history. King Louis XI stayed at the castle in 1463 and King Louis XIV raised the estate to viscounty status in 1654. During the Napoleonic wars of the 19th century, Soult followed by Wellington were stationed here.

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Un château hôtel et ses pièces à vivre conservées dans un esprit d'antan

The Château d’Urtubie

A historic site

When staying in the carrefully restored interiors, it is easy to imagine the past splendor of the place.

In the oldest part of the building, the comfortable bedrooms are entirely fitted with precious 18th and 19th century furniture and modern facilities. The 15-acre park boasts a pool to be enjoyed during the sunny days.

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Attractions in the property

  • Large swimming pool in the park near the Orangerie.
  • 6 hectare path round the river of the property and through the rose garden.